Girl Power Takes India by Storm

November 19, 2018

- Transformative tour operator, A Classic Tour, is expanding their unique tour offerings with the addition of a brand new experience showcasing India to women in a never-seen-before light - one of girl power - through their Women’s Empowerment Tour. “After checking the current travel market, I was shocked to see different variations of the same offerings for women looking to travel,” says Debika Sen, Founder and President of A Classic Tour, “It was all the same - usually a European or Caribbean destination with the usual sightseeing, standard meals, spas, shopping and wellness programs. I did not see much - or nearly enough - substance regarding women, their impact on society and today’s world, and their growth through changing times.”  “I felt the need to design a tour, by women for women, where they can connect with women of a visiting country, understand their journey through life, their identities and the common...


November 16, 2018

November 16, 2018 – In recognition of Hellas Construction’s achievement of over a million dollars in sports construction projects procured through the Cooperative Educational Services (CES) during this fiscal year, Hellas was formally recognized by CES at their Board meeting on October 24th. Hellas was presented with a beautiful glass statue accepted by Ruth Hawley, Hellas’ Cooperative Contracts Manager. “We are very excited about this achievement,“ Hawley stated. “We are confident that Hellas will continue to see growth due to our partnership with CES and look forward to a successful future serving its members.” The award was made possible by Hobbs Municipal Schools, a member of CES, who procured their synthetic turf replacement and field events surfacing projects for New Mexico’s Watson Memorial Stadium through Hellas’ cooperative purchasing contract with CES and AEPA (Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies). AEPA...

David Reske to present Webinar How to Stop Guessing and Build a Better 2019 Media Plan

November 20, 2018

Nowspeed’s Founder and President, David Reske, will present “” during a live webinar on Wednesday, December 12th at 12 noon ET.Building your annual media plan can be ridiculously complex. You have to think about your goals, budget, target audience, content, the many media choices available, as well as innovative strategies you’d like to test. In , we’ll take you through 5 proven steps to build a solid media plan and show you how to create a system to improve your results based on real data each month. “Digital advertising is an important part of almost every company’s growth plan, yet many companies create limited plans based on guesswork”, said David Reske, President of Nowspeed, “Our new 2019 Media Planning Guide is designed to help organizations develop strong plans that help them grow.”If you’re looking to stop guessing and build a better media plan in 2019, this is a . About Nowspeed...

Development of World’s First Shari’ah Compliant Decentralised Exchange

November 17, 2018

SINGAPORE based DS Media Concepts Pte Ltd, a fintech company offering solutions in Blockchain and Digital Assets, including  Securities Token Offer (STO) services and Five Pillars Pte Ltd, a premier Islamic Finance consultancy firm, have  jointly developed, world’s first Shari’ah Compliant Cryptocurrencies exchange known as “HalalDEX” (Halal Decentralized Exchange).HalalDEX will only carry digital assets (ERC20 Tokens), which are endorsed as Shari’ah Compliant by Five Pillars Pte Ltd, which has developed a methodology to screen the digital assets to determine its Shari’ah compliant status. The Shari’ah status will be evaluated through both qualitative and quantitative analysis based on market capital, free float and liquidity amongst other factors. It has within its resources Shari’ah scholars who have in-depth knowledge in Islamic Principles as well as in Blockchain and digital assets.“Investors with Shari’ah mandate wants to participate and...

Diamond Buying And Selling, DiaEx Can Reduce Operating Costs

November 17, 2018

Diamonds are expensive and trading in the precious stone can be expensive. In conventional trade, diamonds can move back and forth a number of times before, being sold. This involves multiple instances of book keeping, shipping charges and safekeeping costs. And even all this effort cannot guarantee a sale which means that, the entire process might have to be done multiple times.  DiaEx is a blockchain based diamond exchange, the brainchild of second generation diamond veteran Navneet Goenka. Designed as part of the Glitzkoin project, DiaEx is focused on improving efficiency and market scope for the multibillion dollar diamond industry. To put it simply, the platform will have a positive impact on the supply and demand of the glittering stone. The amazing thing is that, trading on this hi-tech diamond exchange, can actually reduce the operating cost of a business.  Buyers and sellers trading on the Glitzkoin diamond exchange (DiaEx), could be physically...

Zynego Announces the Launch of New, Highly Efficient Multi-functional iPhone Accessory – Pebble

November 17, 2018

Singapore – 20th November 2018 – Zynego, one of the leading iPhone accessories in Shenzhen, announced its plans to launch an innovative multi-functional iPhone accessory-Pebble on 20th November 2018, at Indiegogo.  Main features of Zynego Pebble? -Built-in Active Noise Cancelling(ANC) module?turn your original iPhone earphone to professional ANC earphone -AI-class chipset?Stable to transmit Hi-Fi audio -1500mAh Power bank to quick charge your iPhone  -Pebble shape?Elegant waterproof design & 5 colors to choose -Compatible with ALL iOS versions?even pre iOS12. -Compatible Phone 6 / 6 plus / 6S / 6S plus / 7 / 7 plus / 8 / X /XS/XR/XS MAX Pad mini 4, Pad, Pad Pro -High quality 100% copper wire core?supports fast charging -Supports music control and calling function  -2 models to choose?lightening + 3.5mm head jack/duo lightenings?  

Etsy Shop Owner WreathsByTrina Announces Coupons and Free Shipping For Holiday Season

November 16, 2018

Online store WreathsByTrina is marking down prices on front door wreaths, cemetery flowers, and memorial saddles and vases. Now is the time to plan your shopping strategy to purchase holiday gifts.  The shop offers discounts for new customers, after purchase orders and everyone’s favorite free shipping.  More specially, new customers can use the coupon code 10NEW to get 10% off $85, customers will receive a special coupon code after a purchase is made to be used at a later date, and free shipping is available on select items exclusively at  on Etsy. The collection of wreaths, saddles and vases are designed with a colorful array of deco mesh, fabric, ribbons, metal, flex...

Linda C. Jackson - House Fire

November 17, 2018

My name is Trina Houseton.  My best childhood friend, Linda Chaney-Jackson, had a house fire on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.  She and her husband do not have children of their own, but they take care of relative’s children because the parents are unable to do so.  On Wednesday morning, Linda and the children left home to visit another relative.  When she returned home, she saw the house on fire.  The event appears to be caused by an electrical fire.  When I heard about the news, I immediately called her.  After Linda told me what happened, she began to cry.  I tried to console her by telling her that things will be OK because she has people who are willing to help and pray for her.  I guess after she thought about everything that happened, the conversation overwhelmed her, and she asked if we could talk later.  Before ending the call, Linda did mention the family was staying in a hotel until they...

Hot Housing Marketing Might Be Coming to an End

November 15, 2018

We may be in the midst of a shift from a seller’s market to a balanced market.  The luxury of being in a seller’s housing market may soon come to a close. The main signs that are pointing to the shift to a more balanced market includes the increase of 30 year mortgage rates, the amount of mortgage applications going down, and pending home sales dropping.  According to Bankrate, a consumer financial services company, mortgage rates have been on a gradual rise for more than a year, with the 30-year fixed mortgage rate sitting at a week ago.  CNBC also reported in late October that the volume of mortgage applications is down from the same time last year, as recent swings in the stock market have continued to deter homebuyers. Furthermore, the has been following along closely with the pending home sales and found that August was the with a decrease in pending home sales. 

How to Hit the Lottery and Remain Anonymous

November 15, 2018

Five D.C. Fire Department Employees Win $1,000.000.00 Mega Millions Prize On October 23, 2018, a winning $1,000,000.00 Mega Millions Lottery ticket was purchased at the 7-Eleven Convenience Store, located at 1109 South Capitol Street, S.W. in Washington, D.C.   The ticket was purchased by a group of Five D.C. Fire Department employees who work together in the area of public safety fire and rescue.  They will share equal parts of their $1,000,000.00 prize, each receiving a gross total of $200,000.00, before taxes. In the District of Columbia when a lottery winner comes forth, the winner must reveal his or her identity to the public. However because this group of winners all work for the District of Columbia in the area public safety, they thought it best to collect their prize under the protection of anonymity. This lead to the establishment of the Five Duces Limited...

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