Dmitry Druzhinsky and MatchPoint NYC Transform Brooklyn’s Recreational Infrastructure

August 23, 2016

An area traditionally lacking in recreational infrastructure, Coney Island is now home to one of Brooklyn’s newest and most popular facilities, . Inspired by his passion for athletics and devotion to South Brooklyn, entrepreneur co-founded the luxury sports center in 2013 after noticing a dire need in his community. Druzhinsky’s dedication to providing New York’s preeminent fitness experience has resulted in the complex becoming the preferred venue of families, professional athletes, charity events, and world-class tournaments. Covering three-acres and containing over 120,000 sq. ft., offers an impressive array of equipment and amenities, including a restaurant and a juice bar. Its most notable feature is an expansive, nine court indoor tennis arena, the largest of its kind in Brooklyn. Local and international tennis greats frequent the grounds, including Kazakhstan’s Aleksandr Nedovyesv and the former number one women’s player in the world,...

SafeShare Privacy Funding Campaign Launched

August 23, 2016

San Diego startup, SafeJunction announces its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launch today.  The campaign seeks to raise $100,000 of start-up funding during the 40 day campaign that concludes on October 5th.   SafeJunction recently completed development of its Digital Identity Vault privacy platform and seeks funding to complete the commercial version of its Windows client as well as development of its Mac client and mobile apps for both the iPhone and Android platforms. Contributors to the campaign will receive personal and/or friends & family versions of the new product named SafeShare.  SafeShare encrypts user's files or documents and enables the user selection of additional private recipients and/or future users of these documents regardless of where they are stored or located.   SafeJunction products eliminate the need for costly or complicated virtual private networks and provide users an extremely low cost of ownership. 

Crowdfunding for Cannabis, the Official Launch of 420fundme

August 22, 2016

Locally owned IPAmediagroup announced today the official launch date of , a highly anticipated platform facilitating crowdfunding for cannabis related projects. Site launch is set for September 15th and will enable individuals, groups and businesses to fund a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from individuals online. Aimed at cannabis related ancillary companies, which are not directly involved in the actual growing or selling of cannabis, 420fundme focuses on individuals that are bringing unique new products to the industry. Working within a potential $100 billion industry, according to, since August 1st the site prelaunch has allowed registration for new projects to be listed on launch day and, as CCO Jon Greene confirms, “we have beat all expectations and are already seeing a large influx of highly exceptional new products that are simply going to change the industry. From lighting, security, paraphernalia, and...

ICMediaDirect - Reputation Management - Presented 2016 New York Excellence Award

August 22, 2016

For the third consecutive year, the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce (SBIEC) has awarded reputation management firm, with the New York Excellence Award. Annually, the SBIEC selects companies that have achieved outstanding results in their business and their local commercial environment. The decision is based on a collection of corporate reviews and research of the respective industry. See your Online Reputation Report now, by visiting Already a proud recipient of the New York Excellence Award in 2014 and 2015, it is a reflection on the evident success and commercial recognition for in the public relations field, while they also “consistently demonstrate a high regard for upholding business ethics and company values”. This year has been revolutionary for industries facing the various challenges posed by social media and online reputation management. The SBIEC is a leading authority on recognizing companies across a wide range of industries...

DUTYFREEZONE.COM announces the launch of an incredible affiliate program!

August 24, 2016

By becoming a DUTYFREEZONE.COM’s affiliate, you will play a part in the exciting new e-commerce industry and could be instrumental in discovering the next niche market while earning extra income at the same time! DUTYFREEZONE.COM supplies all the tools for you such as banners, text links, tracking software, visitor stats and analytics. All you have to do is refer new members to us, sit back, and earn commissions. You'll receive 10% for all orders that we receive from you , we supply you all the tools such as banners , text , links, tracking software visitors stats and analytics , all you have to do is refer new members to us, sit back and earn commission. Established in 1998, Duty Free Zone Ltd has become one of the world’s largest electronic e-commerce website. Duty Free Zone Ltd has proven itself as an industry leader year after year. is an authorized reseller for ACER, APC , ASUS, DELL, HP, LENOVO, LG, SONY,...

Tony Amaradio Proud of Wycliffe Bible Translators’ Progress

August 22, 2016

Avid philanthropist and Founder of Select Portfolio Management Inc., is pleased with the progress of Wycliffe Bible Translators. MBA graduate from the University of Detroit with a BBA from the University of Michigan, Amaradio proudly supports the importance of financial stewardship for Christians across North America. As a highly sought-after speaker for events and a reputed visionary and innovator in the financial services industry, he has been assisting people in establishing, planning, and managing assets for thirty years. This has led him to the development of a wealth management system based on a pool of qualified financial, legal, tax, and insurance professionals who implement and manage his model. Wycliffe Bible Translators is a ministry that aims to involve more people in the interpretation of the Bible by accelerating it through their proprietary Bible Translation Acceleration Kits. Wycliffe Bible Translators has successfully implemented kits that come with a...

Factory-Built Housing Exec Brings Fortune-50 Experience, Lessons from Kodak in Paving Path Forward for the Industry

August 21, 2016

Bob Bender calls himself  "a recovering engineer," given how relatively little he uses his formal training these days. But he still calls on the lessons learned from his years with Eastman Kodak, when the company that helped invent digital photography fumbled the ball of the future and lost it all. "There was an underlying disconnect … between what Kodak wanted to sell (film), what the existing channel wanted to sell (film), and what consumers really wanted to buy (the ability to take and share pictures easily)," says Bender, now chief operating officer for The Commodore Corporation, an Indiana-based company with factory-built home divisions in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. The Kodak experience taught him that change can happen very quickly ("My kids have never used a film camera in their life,") and that companies need to adapt to serve customers' needs if they want to grow. "If we only hear...

Fashion Trumps Functionality in Tiny House Craze

August 21, 2016

They're adorable, trendy and oh-so avant garde. Everybody seems to want one these days (or thinks they do), these tiny little anti-McMansions that have captured enough of an audience to warrant their own TV show. But less isn't necessarily more, as tiny house shoppers are discovering when confronted with the legal and practical issues that come with membership in Tiny House Nation. Only now, a few years into the popular media-fueled craze, are tiny house aficionados beginning to discover that big problems can come in tiny packages. Some tiny homeowners have been evicted or faced fines for zoning or health code violations. Others have discovered challenges in obtaining financing. Still more are finding that $400 or more per square foot does not necessarily buy quality. And perhaps the biggest surprise of all, which relates to all of these problems:  Some tiny houses are built not to a building...


August 22, 2016

Paris has been ruling the high seas of fashion for more than centuries. And in the heart of Fashion Capital, we are happy to announce the first time ever in the history of the world a Fashion Week called the “French European Indian Fashion Week" an initiative of WORLD NEWS NETWORK is going to take place at The Eiffel tower on October 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2016. The Fashion week brings together world's finest designers under one roof. French European Indian Fashion Week will be a platform for the designers from around the world to come and express their culture or any other cause through their collection. President of French European Indian Organization Mr. Satish Reddy is happy to introduce a unique and iconic Fashion Week on the 1st level of the Eiffel Tower, He said, "It's a great pleasure organizing a Fashion Week on the Eiffel Tower and we are looking forward to promote fashion on all the Seven Wonders of the World. I want to thank all the French and...

SaberTek Inc. Announces Adoption of SBR7040, SaberTek Industry Leading Low-Power LTE Transceiver IP

August 22, 2016

SaberTek Inc., a leading supplier of ultra-low-power wireless RF and transceiver Intellectual Properties (IP) announced the introduction and adoption of the industry’s first truly low-power transceivers for use in low-power LTE applications.  Provided as a synthesizable IP core, the SBR7040 combines 3 SaberTek IPs:   SBR7020 (release 12/13 cat-M~cat-4 low-power LTE transceiver IP), SBR1575 (GPS receiver IP), and SBR0162/SBR0640 (AFE IP), uniquely enabling mobile IoT and M2M markets. SBR7040/SBR7020 are the 3rd generation of SaberTek silicon proven LTE/WCDMA transceiver IPs. SaberTek is developing its 3rd generation LTE transceiver IP optimized for LTE-M and LTE-NB1 applications.   Sigma Designs is an early adopter of SaberTek’s IP, using it in their new mobile IoT platform. Ken Lowe, VP of Strategic Marketing for Sigma Designs, a licensee of SBR7040, stated that, “Ultra-low power IoT devices are key to enable the...

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